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    Sound proofing recessed window, (plasterboard sheets?) - please help.

    I want to sound proof a bedroom window from loud road noise as much as possible (I don't need to see through the window). Sound is not really coming through the walls since they are thick stone (it's an old building). Window is about 1.2 meters square, and has a 0.5 meter interior recess...
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    SE to Balanced will help?

    Hello! When pushed all the way up in the preamp gain I am getting 14dB of noise from one of my sources, all others make nothing, zero, nada, of noise at that highest gain of the preamp. The source that has noise is connected this way: -Cartridge - Ortofon Quintet Black S (MC low output) -Tonearm...
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    Knowles KN1 TWS earphones

    This is a review of Knowles KN1 TWS earphones (Knowles part number TC-35030-000) check the following links for further infos on the device, incl pictures.
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    Are there ear buds that cancel SOME noise?

    Hey all! I'm looking for ear buds that can cancel wind noise / some noise - I work in a deli and the ovens and fans get really loud, and I worry it will damage my hearing eventually. However, I still need to be able to hear customers and coworkers. Are there any solutions for this, or am I SOL?
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