1. Matias

    Nord's new Value-Line Hypex NCore MP series

    Nord has released a new range of Hypex NCore MP series amps with great prices using more affordable cases. "Our new Value-Line range of lower priced amplifiers. Built to compete with the budget box shifters offering a no frill amplifier with the same sonic performance of our standard range...
  2. A

    Replacing a Magnat THX Sub-300 amp

    Hi, I have a 5.2.2 Magnat Ultra THX speakers configuration, and one of my two subwoofers amp does not work anymore, so I would like to replace it. Magnat rated its Class D amp with 550W RMS and 1100W max at 4 Ohms. Searching for a new amp, I've found the Hypex NC502MP, which can delivers...
  3. S

    Hypex NCore - Yea or Nay?

    I've become intrigued by the Hypex NCore amplifiers (particularly NC502MP) and this site is one of the few I've found with meaningful discussion and commentary about the various options available on the market. But it's also left me feeling a bit baffled and concerned about whether the whole...
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