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  1. L

    Replacing an outdated Blu-ray player

    Hi, I am looking to replace an outdated Blu-ray player by a more capable player. I would like to connect this player to my current amplifier, a Denon 1055R. This model only accepts analogue audio input. Therefore, the Blu-ray player has to be able to output analogue audio, as I do not own a...
  2. ThatM1key

    SiriusXM (Web Version) Mini Review

    I decided to get Sirius XM (Web Version) again. What always attracts me to this service is the radio stations (The Xtra Channels), they have a strong song selection. My father uses Sirius XM in his car, which sounds fine because the alright speakers hide the very terrible quality audio, which...
  3. H

    What is a good system (server + app) to stream and transfer music from a NAS to an iPhone

    I'm looking to stream music from my Synology NAS to my mobile (iOS) and at a 2nd stage to an Arcam rPlay. Additionally I’d like to dowload some playlist to the phone for use on the go. And the moment I try Synology's proprietary "Audio Station" (server) plus the "DS Audio" (iOS client). However...
  4. Raitsa

    Raspberry Pi based music listening/streaming

    Hey guys, hopefully this is ok for amirm, not really supposed to be an ad or anything... but there are quite a few of us who are using the Raspberry Pi as a music player / streamer and I have set up a new Telegram group for us whole love the Pi. Whats that Telegram about I hear you ask, well...
  5. D3Buddha

    TIDAL: No EQ is a major oversight

    Regarding TIDAL for iOS & macOS: First of all, I love the song selection and you simply can’t beat the sample rate (bravo there!), but how does an industry-leading hifi service like Tidal not include EQ natively? Someone hasn't done their homework regarding what audio enthusiasts really want...
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