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  1. Jerry Sobel

    What music servers do members use

    My music server just crashed because of a power failure. It runs Windows Home Server 2011 and some of the files got corrupted either when power went off or back on. I am not able to find a copy of the program as it was last supported about 5 years ago. So I need to get something that runs Roon...
  2. CuteStudio

    The SeeDeClip4 Declipping Music Server

    Ok, I'm not really a dealer but my software is for sale and does serve these purposes: * Helps me organise my music * Makes many of my CDs sound better * Selling copies means other people get interested and suggest stuff that makes it sound better and easier to use * Saves me having to buy...
  3. amirm

    Amir's Music Server Build Thread

    Over the last few months I have had a number of requests to document my music server build. I finally got around to collecting and organizing my pictures and references. There are a number of such efforts such as CA's "CAP" series of music server specs. I have read through them and much of...
  4. amirm

    Computer Activity Can Impact DAC Performance

    My son bought a Schiit BiFrost $400 DAC that claimed to have async USB support but immediately found out that he got PC noise through it just like his other solutions. So I instrumented it and this is what I found. Feeding it a single tone over S/PDIF: I wouldn't expect this kind of jitter...
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