1. J

    Focal SM9 vs Neumann HK310

    Hi all, I'm in the market for some second hand speakers. I've heard good things about both the Focal SM9 vs Neumann HK310 but am keen to hear some other opinions to help me decide between them. I produce electronic music with a lot of focus on bass, so obviously this is a major consideration...
  2. E

    F/S: Genelec 8361A Pair For Sale - Sacramento Region

    Includes GLM User Kit and 9310AM-US Volume Control. White finish, new condition. Price is $10,000. For everything, it would cost over $11K with tax, so you'd be getting a good discount for essentially brand new. Local only (Sacramento Region or SF Bay Area - if willing to drive). Each...
  3. Thunder

    Best speakers for the Topping D90SE?

    Hi, I wonder what speakers would be worth to pair with the D90SE Would the Genelec 8030C Studio Monitors be good? I'd prefer to have my setup with no sub as I live in a flat on a 2nd floor and below me there is a dental clinic room and I don't want to bother anyone (Lulz), I never turn my...
  4. gamersensual14

    [Help!] Best studio monitors for recording, mixing and mastering?

    Hi everyone! :) I just discovered this forum and it seems to be lot of knowledgeable people here! I'm Adrian and I would like to get a pair of monitors that can do basically everything related to music creation, from beginning to end, that means: composing, producing, recording, mixing and...
  5. Sarcastick

    Output Frontier Studio Monitors

    For sale are a pair of like new Output Frontier Studio Monitors, I purchased these earlier this year and the only reason I am selling them is because I came across a deal on a pair of kh310s. These will be packaged and shipped in the original crate. Asking $1300 including shipping in the lower...
  6. E

    Dynaudio Core 47 vs HEDD Type 20 MK2

    Hello, I am ready to spend money on higher end monitors for my music production studio. Right now I am liking both the Core 47 and HEDD Type 20 Mk2 in terms of on paper specifications. However a long time ago I used a AMT tweeter monitor (back in 2012) and noticed I got ear fatigue very...
  7. B

    Video production audio equipment

    Hello people. My first post on ASR...please bear with me. I make videos for my YouTube channel and have accumulated ad hoc equipment over the years. I have the opportunity to move out of my small spare bedroom studio into a bigger room and would like to upgrade my audio. The current room is not...
  8. D

    Dayton Audio UA701 Maple - For Sale

    I’m the original owner of this kit built speaker. They are truly spectacular and live up to every word of the original write up by Dayton Audio. As shown in the pictures, there are a few minor scuffs on the corners of the cabinets from moving a few times since I assembled them. Crossovers...
  9. F

    I need help in choosing studio monitors setup

    Hello everyone. My budget is around $2500 and I need to buy a pair of studio monitors and audio interface for it. The problem is, that I don't need any mic/instrument inputs and ofcourse any input preamps too. So I decided to buy only monitors + Amp + DAC. I searched a bit, and my favorite is...
  10. Neto Rare

    FS: Neumann KH310 A 3-way Active Studio Monitor (Pair)

    Less than two months old and barely used. (Date of purchase 12/2020 with original invoice) Includes: Original packaging, manuals, and power cords. Condition: LIKE NEW (no scratches, dents, or scuffs) Shipping and PP fee not included. Available for local pick up in 91367. Pics here: PRICE...
  11. A

    best configuration for a speaker setup

    Hi! I would like to hear about what experienced listeners would consider to be the best configuration for a stereo speaker setup to be used for listening in an average sized room, say between 30m2 and 50m2. 3 options come to mind: - Small two way monitors with two subwoofers EX: ATC...
  12. EchoChamber

    SOLD [US]: SB Acoustics ARA Be in white - 2-way monitor with Satori Beryllium tweeters

    I've had this pair of ARA Be's since January 2020. Bought new as a kit from Madisound. They are in excellent condition. The kit is straight forward and consists of a simple assembly. Cabinets are finished and ready for assembly. I'm a seasoned DYIer (15+ years) and it took me only about an hour...
  13. T

    Best Home Study Monitor for $ 200

    Hello guys. I am setting up a home studio and I need your support to find a monitor for a round $ 200 +/-, I'm thinking of an Adam Audio T7v, thank in advance. Regards :)
  14. KikoKentaurus

    Hercules Monitor 5 Discussion

    Hello, dear visitors of this forum! :) I want to apologize in advance for my poor English, this is what I'm working on now. *** On the Russian imageboard, in a thread devoted to everything connected with music studios, you are a significant source. The measurements of the noble owner of this...
  15. A

    Spotify/Tidal streamer for my active nearfield monitors using XLR connectors/DAC/preamp?

    Hello, I've been browsing around and it's really hard for me to understand what products are out there, and what can be done with DIY components. My scenario is the following: I have two 7" DynAudio BM5 MK3 active nearfield monitors that I'd like to connect using XLR connectors. I'd like to...
  16. S

    Kali Audio LP-6 6.5" or JBL 308p MkII 8"?

    I'm conflicted between these active monitors for a few reasons.. 1. The LP6's are currently listed for $149 each which are an amazing price for 6.5" monitors, however the 308's are listed at $135 on amazon which is unbeliEvable since I could have a pair of good 8" monitors for $270 2. I...
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