modi 3

  1. howkey-cz

    What headphone amplifier to pair with Modi 3 and SHURE SHR 840?

    Hi guys, first of all i would like to say thank you for this amazing community :) I currently use this setup notebook/pc -> Modi 3 -> Shure 840 and decided to add an amplifier to this setup. My requirements are low: price should be < ~300 EUR / ~360 USD enough power for low impedance SHR840...
  2. X

    Modi 2 vs. Modi 3 | SPDIF vs. USB

    So I got both of these DACs. From a basic A/B test all I notice is the Modi 3 sounds louder than the 2 but overall very similar via USB. However on SPDIF it's louder and also more muffled/bassy/"warm", it sounds extremely different. Could this be an issue with my input? It's a digital output on...
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