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    MA Remote (app) to Element X

    So overnight it got updated to 2.2.0 and is no longer usable; Element X disconnects as soon as I start MA Remote new. Does anyone else have similar problem with it? Version 2.1.5 still appears to be Ok. Version 2.1.6 has somewhat broken interface on it, but works. Version 2.0.0 simply does not...
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    Matrix Audio Element X - Playing Dsf files

    I actually like the sound from DSD (*.dsf) files somewhat better than from FLAC (converted from *.dsf). Certainly has to do with the playback implementation. However, the instant I click "play" on dsf folder I hear rather loud click in the speakers. Similar to when stylus touches the record when...
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    Does the media source matter?

    When connecting to the same unit as an input - which is of these is preferable and why? External portable HDD External portable SSD USB stick NAS via WiFi NAS via Cable (any cable?) DLNA streaming Can the quality of the sound differ? Thanks.
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    Matrix Audio Element X - the quality of sound when playing from USB HDD as source

    Has anyone compared if playing FLAC files from a portable HDD produces exactly the same quality of sound as playing those same files from say small USB stick or NAS? There must be the difference, but audible? thanks.
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    Matrix Audio Element X does not read the entire hard-drive

    Hello, Took the delivery of the Element X on Monday, very impressed with how it sounds. Got a small, or maybe not so small problem however - it does not read the entire 4G portable hard-drive, only a part of it. The card-slot is empty, and there are no other drives attached to it, yet it stops...
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