1. X

    Confusion over balanced output for headphones (DACMagic 200M vs. Jotunheim vs. Modius + Magnius)

    Hi, I feel a bit lost as I'm new to this space, and I'd really appreciate your help. I'm looking to get a setup that would power both a pair of active studio monitors and a pair of headphones. Both are entry-level (JBL 305P MKII and Sennheiser HD 600). At first, I had been considering buying...
  2. D

    Modius/Magnius/Lokius issue….did I blow up the Modius by adding the Lokius?

    Copying from emails to Schiit for assistance…. Lokius arrived Wednesday, tried inserting into Modius/Magnius stack And zero volume from the system. The Modius/Magnius worked perfectly for the month I have had it. I inserted the Lokius and no sound whatsoever. No signal, no noise nothing...
  3. M

    2.2 stereo configuration with Denon 3700

    Ever since I lost my favorite headphones in 2019 no longer produced my music which I always listened with iems on my phone with apples dongle and for 10 years no problems. The iems were discontinued. After going through 29 headphones all terrible I gave in and got the Sony whxm4. On Reddit...
  4. D

    Stick with Schiit Magnius for single ended headphones or get Schiit Heresy?

    I've posted elsewhere about my new Hifiman Sundara cans, which I really like. I have balanced 3.5mm to 4 pin XLR cable for them, and waiting for Schiit Modius/Magnius stack (they are on backorder until the 31st). I also was able to procure a pair of AKG K712 headphones. Unfortunately, these are...
  5. Racheski

    Schiit Magnius - New Balanced Headphone Amp/Pre Amp
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