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  1. G

    UPGRADE - Meridian Explorer DAC v1 / Topping D10s + JDS ATOM Amp Headphone

    Hi Folks I recently purchased a JDS Atom amp Headphone and I already have two DACs. 1- Meridian Explorer DAC v1 2- Topping D10s In my little experience and after some testing I found that Meridian sounded better than Topping. I'm using Meridian's fixed output which provides 2v rms (it is a...
  2. Fetch_Execute_Break

    Recommendation for AMP/DAC combo needed (I am exhausted Edition)

    So before you roll your eyes and think about how lazy I may be or should use the search function, let me tell you something at first, my dear guys and girls: I am so what exhausted. Even of being aware that this is a real deluxe premium first world problem. For weeks I try to find a solid...
  3. A

    Need help deciding between the Schiit Heresy and JDS Labs Atom

    I'm sort of torn between the two. I've read both reviews and still unsure From what I've gathered so far looking around is that no one can hear a difference between the two?? The only thing I've heard mainly is that the Heresy has more power but only slightly? ____ heresy Newer Release...
  4. M

    D10 + Atom amp Vs Dx3 pro

    Hello everyone! Iam thinking about a nice DAC/amp combination to pair with my incoming 58xx and I am struggling between these two options (considering money): Topping dx3 pro (First version!) - used for 6 months - 150€ Topping D10 + JDS Labs Atom - new - 230€ (80 + 150) I really like the...
  5. K

    Scratchy Noisy Pot on the JDS Atom

    So, my JDS Atom has a veryyyy noisy pot. Rotating it causes quite a bit of noise. Given that it is an analog pot (I believe), do you think I shouldn't worry too much or get and RMA ? Has anyone else faced this on the Atom yet ?
  6. TungstenC

    New JDSLabs Amp coming soon

    “Features, specs, and reviews coming 11/15/2018”- Original post HERE
  7. Veri

    JDS Labs El Dac (sold)

    For sale this pretty DAC unit. https://www.jdslabs.com/products/174/el-dac/ Overall great DAC, the difference with the JDS OL Dac is better internals and higher max sample rate. USB capable up to 384kHz PCM. Chip = AK4490EQ Measurements...
  8. amirm

    RMAF 2016: headphones and the tent

    The space issues had hit the smallest companies the worst where they were pushed into the tents in the parking lot. Mostly they were headphone companies. Not being in a market for headphones and not wanting to do the "community headphone" sharing, I just took some pictures and left. It is a...
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