1. R

    iPad Pro source with McIntosh DAC

    Hello fellow audiophiles, first post here. I'm currently using an Apple iPad Pro (3rd gen) to play Apple Music Lossless via the USB audio output, connected to a McIntosh MA5300 integrated amp. The McIntosh has a DA1 DAC module built-in where I'm using the USB audio input. On the iPad, the sound...
  2. B

    Apple lightning to 3.5mm or native headphone jack?

    I have an iPad Pro 12.9 (2015) and I want to use the HD800S with it. It has a headphone jack and I can also use a lightning to 3.5mm adapter (not the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter). 1) Without an external dac, using the Atom with it will be double amping right? Is that bad? 2) I know the USB-C...
  3. L

    Apple iPad to Schiit Modius DAC via Apple Camera Connection Kit

    Hi, I currently have the following, an Apple iPad Air 3 with an Apple Camera Connection Kit plugged into the Lightning Port at the bottom of the iPad. That Apple Camera Connection Kit is both plugged into power and has the USB to my Schiit Modius DAC via the Micro USB port, next to the power...
  4. S

    Bluetooth capable DAC with balanced output

    Hello! I am looking for a Bluetooth DAC with balanced outputs that has a very specific function. Let me start out by describing the function I’m looking for and some background of what I got going on currently. I am looking for a balanced DAC (while connected via Bluetooth) to be able to...
  5. jaynyc

    Ipad Mini 4 with Lightning to USB 3 adapter - measurements or evaluations?

    Hi. Does anyone here know of any measurements, analysis or evaluation of an Ipad Mini (4) with Apple Lighting to USB 3 Camera Adapter as audio source to feed an external DAC?
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