1. F

    In-wall LCR speaker upgrade options

    I am planning to upgrade my home theater (dedicated) speakers to better sounding one. Use of the system is 90% movies 10% music Current Klipsch inwall speakers are working OK, but I felt something is missing in vocals and main audio out of LCR. Can you suggest upgrade of LCRs with budget ~3-4K...
  2. M

    Revel In-Wall and Multi-Sub Optimized (MSO) Listening Room Build

    A while back I set out to put the best sound possible (at resonable cost) into our small den. Being only 11’ by 11’, there really isn’t room for a bunch of home theater, audio equipment, or speakers. But I still wanted great sound. Design Targets: Slim mount 65’ TV In-wall speakers 2 hidden...
  3. sweetchaos

    JBL Synthesis SCL-6 In-Wall Speaker Review (by Erin)

    Thanks for another speaker review @hardisj Link to review: This is a 2.5-way in-wall loudspeaker system designed for on-axis listening as LCR and surround channels. Price is approximately $1650 USD each. Erin said in his...
  4. R

    Orthoacoustics and psychoacoustics.

    According to Stig Carlsson’s philosophy of the speaker and room as a system. FAQ/pdf/carlsson_ortho_design_principles.pdf Let’s push for a resurgence of a systems level approach for speaker design and not just plop down a couple of mundane boxes on the...
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