1. K

    ifi hip dac 2 (DAC & Headphone Amp) iPhone connectivity issues

    Picked up an ifi Hip Dac 2 recently, with the intention of using it in combination with my iPhone 8 for Apple Music. Acquired the recommended Apple Original camera adapter (lightening to USB A) to feed that sweet digital audio into my hip dac 2. I’m experiencing an issue of my iPhone not...
  2. D

    An "objective" test of the ifi iPurifier3 (I tried)

    I tried to do an objective test of the ifi iPurifier3 as doing a proper blind ABX listening test would require two of the same DAC. Thought process was sort of stolen from a video made by Passion for Sound where he compared usb cables to each other by recording the DAC output with a USB audio...
  3. A

    Problem with ifi idsd Nano black edition

    Hello, I just bought and tried an iFi idsd Nano black edition with a Sennheiser HD 650. I have an issue with this ampli/DAC. At a low volume, only the right speaker of my headphone works. Globally I think the right speaker is more amplified. Has this problem already been experienced by some of...
  4. J

    Ground loop via USB broken but high pitch noise remains. *Please advise*

    Audio: PC - USB - E30 - L30 Power: Dedicated 20A to office closet - cyber power Sinewave 1500 UPS - PC/Accessories + separate Isobar strip for stack/monitors/sub *No noise present via Headphones or IEMS Purchased Adam T5V powered monitors and their sub. Hiss is minimal even with the gain all...
  5. R

    Amp/dac recommendation

    Hi all, I totally can't believe I found the audio science review heaven place, but finally I made it! My question is regarding an amp/dac to use on my laptop. For now I will be driving ATH msr7b on it. I hopefully will try the balanced (4.4) connection. My budget is around 150€. I am based in...
  6. K

    How to improve my headphone setup step by step?

    What should be my next steps to improve soundquality with my headphone set? I'm seeking mainly 3D representation of good recordings as far as it gets with headphones. Wide soundstage, depth, layering, separation of sources, room (virtual or real) This is my setup today: Intel NUC8iBEH2 with...
  7. V

    ifi Zen Dac, thoughts, reviews?

    Hi All, I didn't see too many reviews on this yet so I thought to ask, has anyone here purchased/listened to the ifi Zen Dac yet? I recently purchased the ifi Zen Dac for home use with my desktop machine, and am not really sure what to make of it. For anyone wondering, this thing here...
  8. L

    Best DAC under $300 for Audioengine A5+ powered speakers

    My source is my PC and my purpose is to listen to FLAC 24/196, 24/192 etc and DSD music files! Please give your recommendations! I have made a poll as well feel free to vote plus recommend devices that you think are better! Thanks! ☺️
  9. amirm

    RMAF 2016: headphones and the tent

    The space issues had hit the smallest companies the worst where they were pushed into the tents in the parking lot. Mostly they were headphone companies. Not being in a market for headphones and not wanting to do the "community headphone" sharing, I just took some pictures and left. It is a...
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