1. MickeyBoy

    Audiophilia and its discontents

    The current issue of Harper's magazine has a curious article about some fringe audiophiles. Link. The author, Sasha Frere-Jones, apparently a jazz musician, music critic, and naif about sound reproduction, describes his peregrinations among some of the wilder partisans of what he calls triode...
  2. M

    Amp suggestion for DIY Altec 311-90 wooden horns?

    Am on the hunt for an amp to run two Altec 311-90 horn clones i'm making from oak. Ive got two Faital Pro HF146 1.4" 80 W 8 Ohm that will bolt onto the horns. Hopefully will upgrade the compression drivers but on quite a low budget as i've just graduated. Am considering the Quad 405 as i'm...
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