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    Are there SPDIF or Optical Audio to HDMI output converters?

    I seem to be coming up empty with this search, but is a SPDIF to HDMI converter or an optical audio to HMDI converter a thing? I'd like to send my digital audio signal from my WiiM Pro streamer to my AVR via HDMI so I can have it turn on automatically and switch to the source when I send a Tidal...
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    Denon HEOS AMP HS2 (not the Link)

    Happy Holidays everyone, I've searched the forums and the internet, and haven't much about the Denon HEOS AMP HS2. I found things about the "Link", but the only place I found user feedback on the Amp was from the Denon website reviews/comments section...
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    Denon Heos Distortion Problem

    Hey, came across a wierd problem, my Denon 4700 distorts any music I play via Heos, the highs made me think my DBR62s had turned into a B&W ;) Apparently looking at the 4700 thread Im not the only one encountering this problem. Has anyone found a solution yet, seems to be a software issue. Thanks
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    Modern streamer pre-amp help

    Hello forum! I'm finishing up my new project for a stereo system for my living room and I'm going crazy with the last piece of the puzzle: the streamer/DAC/pre-amp. I have an amplifier and a pair of speakers and I am delighted with the set. I need a source to act as a streamer, DAC, and...
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    I feel like HEOS is overlooked!

    Hi all, I have now owned 3 Denon / Marantz receivers with HEOS (3500, 3600, and SR6012). I always discounted it as a solution for the lazy or as a Sonos replacement, never thinking it was up to snuff for my “serious” (lol) listening practices. I previously used a Chromecast Audio into a DAC...
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