hearing damage

  1. K

    13 dBHL of hearing loss. Continue using IEMs and headphones?

    These results are superimposed from the PTA audiogram test I had and it looks like I have low-frequency hearing loss in both ears (13dBHL right ear and 12dBHL left ear), and my right ear has lost some high frequencies. This makes me wonder, how long can use IEMs and headphones until it reaches...
  2. C

    Which speaker characteristics are best for preserving your hearing?

    Trying to figure out what speaker characteristics are best for preserving your hearing, I've found a lot of opinions but little science on the matter. E.g some say consumer speakers are better than studio monitors in this regard since consumer speakers (supposedly) have built-in compression to...
  3. xnor

    Safe listening levels and headphone voltage/power requirements

    Heya, there's a couple of threads asking about safe listening levels and people asking about voltage/power requirements in almost any amp/headphone thread. Here's my take on this: Noise Exposure Limits The EPA and WHO recommend that noise should be kept below 70 dBA over 24 hours and below 75...
  4. D

    Do you have Tinnitis? (Ringing sound in your ears)

    Anybody got this problem?
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