1. S

    DJ equipment setup in Japan apartment has a lot of feedback

    HI all I'm in desparate need of some help/advice and someone recommended that I post in here. I have setup all of my DJ equipment in my Japanese apartment but I am getting a lot of hum/noise from the power lines through the system which increases if I turn lights or other significant bits of...
  2. ShiZo

    Good AMP to Pair with the Topping D50?

    Like the title says, I'm trying to replace my Schiit jotunheim with topping d50 + a new amp. When I turn it to RCA and touch the volume knob I hear noise. I believe I have one of those ******... I mean Schiit jotunheims that have an ungrounded chassis. I need to send it in. I won't have a system...
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