fire tv

  1. di2ger

    HDMI streaming sticks as audio streamers or 44.1 to 48 kHz upsampling quality

    The most budget audio streamer option is an HDMI streaming stick. The cheapest of them fluctuates around $30. However, there is a problem. All known HDMI sticks upsample everything to 48kHz. Yes, connecting USB DAC to some of them is possible, but it complicates things and increases the price...
  2. dominikz

    Turning an Amazon Fire TV Stick (2nd gen) into a media player with DSP

    So after looking into some depth at room correction SW, I wanted to see how to implement DSP into my system. Initially I looked at various of-the-shelf solutions, but in the end decided to see if I can work something out myself - ultimately audio DSP is just a bit of computing power combined...
  3. W

    HDMI to SPDIF Audio Extractors - Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k

    Does anyone know how digital audio extractors like below work? Now that Amazon Music HD exists, I'm making the switch from Pandora to Amazon's music streaming service. I am already mostly immersed in Amazon's...
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