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    What would be best for HiFiMan HE400SE ?

    I've read a lot of audiosciencereview review. But as a super noob I don't understand the data (Vrms/clipping/...etc). This will be my first audiophile experience too. I want to listen in my android, Ipad and widows PC. I've chosen some DAC/AMP . Please look into that. And please recommend the...
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    Matching headphone impedance against OEM specs

    So I use http:// www. digizoid. com/ power .php to calculate the mW needed to power headphones. My HiFiMan HE400i impedance is 35ohms and my bayerdynamics custom studios are 80ohms. Most manufacturer specs state for 16/32/300 ohms like for example: - My fiio k3 specs on unbalanced output...
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    New setup questions (HE400i, Fiio DACs, JDS Atom)

    Hello community, my listening setup has drastically changed over the last month and i need advice to tune it: Before: PC-> Focusrite Solo Gen2 - > M-Audio BX8 / Shure SE425 Now: PC->Fiio K3 ->JBL 104 BT / -> sonarworks ref 4 ->JDS Atom (incoming) -> HifiMan HE400i / Shure SE425 my reason was...
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