1. Mantra

    can you tell me trusty online seller with "returned product/return items" ?

    Hi i guess it's not the correct subforum but i could find a proper place I'm using amazon for "returned product/return items" , i'm talking about amps , speakers ...and becaue they work on Europe i would like to know if I could buy from a serious European online seller with "returned...
  2. E

    Integrated amplifier advice

    Hi all, after allot of lurking around I've decided to create an account. Mostly because I could use some insights on buying a new integrated amp. My current setup consist of the following: - Harman Kardon BDS, used as a pre amp for digital sources. - Sony ES integrated stereo amp, used as...
  3. B

    Small Speakers for Desktop use with easy way to connect Sub

    Hello community, I'm currently running Audioengine A2+ at my desk with a Mivoc Hype 10G2 Subwoofer. I got these together for about 110€ a while ago. But when it comes to the speakers I definitely want more since the A2s aren't good at all. Budget is around 650€ and I'm also willing to buy...
  4. C

    Looking for my first pair of good speakers

    Hey, I have some pretty good headphones and iems but the only speaker i own is an Ultimate ears hyperboom which battery dosent even last that long. So i wanna finally buy some good sounding speakers. Info: I live in a pretty small apartment around 40m2. And my couch is around 3-5 meters from my...
  5. C

    Best DAC to use with Topping L30

    I am pretty confused about which DAC to buy for my Topping L30 amp. My only requirements are that it is as good as possible, has to be available in Europe, and it has to cost under $250. Is gonna be used with my Hifiman Sundara's.
  6. C

    First amp

    Hey, I want to buy an amp for my desktop PC, I just got the Hifiman Sundara. I currently own a M-track solo I am pretty sure it has a preamp, is it good enough or is it worth buying an amp? I have looked at the topping L30. The measurements seem good. The specs of my mobo are: SupremeFX S1220A...
  7. C

    New to dac/amps

    Hey, I just bought a Hifiman Sundara. But I don't own any DAC/AMPS, I have got a lot of recommendations but I don't which ones are the best. My MOBO's amp is this SupremeFX S1220A codec, plus Texas Instruments® RC4580 and OPA1688 My max prise is $250 1. Ifi zen dac V2 2. Topping DX3 Pro+...
  8. C

    Wanting to buy better headphones

    I currently use the m50x, they sound ok but not very impressive. I don't exactly know my preference in the tuning. But I like how the 7hz timeless sounds, same with Mangird tea's. I know that headphones don't sound the same as iems but i like tuning of them. I mostly listen to rap. I prefer them...
  9. D

    Alternatives to Elac DBR62

    Hey everyone, looking for some advice: i'm looking for a new pair of speakers for my desktop and was hoping you guys could recommend some speakers. However I am looking for alternatives to the dbr62 (have a ht, so i have 4 pairs of them and i love them, but i want something different looking)...
  10. C

    Help buying a microphone

    It would be nice if i got some help. I am looking to buy a Mic with a usb. My microphone that i am currently using is a blue snowball which is pretty damaged. My criteria is the price cant be more than $150, and if the mic have som noise filtering it would be nice because of my clicky keyboard...
  11. Nabooh

    FS : Focal Clear ( EU Only, Under Warranty until January 2023 ), mint condition.

    Hi ASR! I'm selling my Focal Clear, I bought it to someone in France in March 2021. This same person bought it in January 2021 ( invoice provided ). The package is complete, including the balanced cable, plus a small grey woolen headband to protect the Focal headband, which is known to...
  12. Adam Bernau

    GENELEC 4030 (SAME AS 8030) white FS in Europe (Prague)

    Only tested, practically not used. 850 Eur, shipping in Europe included. Highly praised here in Amir´s review. Mail to: [email protected] Cheers!
  13. VintageFlanker

    (Europe) Master Deals Thread on Audio Product Sales

    Hey EU Folks, This is an alternative version of @amirm original Master "deals" (massdrop, ebay, Amazon, etc.) Thread on Audio Product Sales ... But this time specifically focused on deals available for shipping to (most) EU countries. It turns out that I am already an active member on French...
  14. eigenvalue

    Can a monolith spark bought in US work in Europe (or other amp suggestions)?

    Hi guys, I want to upgrade my headphone amplifier (I currently have a fiio e10k but plan on using that or a dongle as a dac once I upgrade amp). The best value amp that I have found so far is the liquid spark which would cost 120 euro imported to Europe, however my main worry is the ac - dc...
  15. M

    FS Verum One mk2 planar magnetic headphone.

    Timestamp and images Hello everyone, i'm selling a pair of Verum one MK2 never used. Bought them 4 months ago and when they arrived i didn't need them anymore. They come with the original cable. For 30 euros more, i can add a custom cable with dual 3.5mm angled jacks (to put less strain on the...
  16. C

    Best Headphones under $300

    I am looking to upgrade my headphones. My current ones are the aTH m50x. I am looking for some headphones that have heavy bass or some that you can eq. The spund quality has to be the best possible. My amp is my supreme fx sound card but if the headphones need an amp i can buy one. My budget...
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