elac dbr62

  1. A

    Help needed to decide which pair of ELACs DBR62 to keep!

    Hi ASR community! First off I'd like to thank you all, specially Amir, for creating and maintaining this outstanding gem of a forum! I've been lurking for some weeks now after finding it (bless googles algo also, sometimes it just works) and I have decided after reading some reviews that I...
  2. Danchina

    Orange jelly/grease on amplifier transformer

    Hello guys, new to the forum and audio related tech in general. I didn't know where to post this but here I go. I paired up a new yamaha a-s501 with a pair of elac dbr62. When near the amplifier i could smell some strong plastic odor coming from it (doesn't smell exactly like burnt plastic)...
  3. D

    Alternatives to Elac DBR62

    Hey everyone, looking for some advice: i'm looking for a new pair of speakers for my desktop and was hoping you guys could recommend some speakers. However I am looking for alternatives to the dbr62 (have a ht, so i have 4 pairs of them and i love them, but i want something different looking)...
  4. R

    Kind of rant regarding what speakers to buy, environmentalism etc.

    Hello everyone, have been lurking this website for the past months. I just moved into my new place, first time living on my own yada yada yada. To get to the point, I am hesitant in buying speakers. In order to not increase my carbon/ecological footprint exponentially, buy one pair of speakers...
  5. B

    Power Amp for Elac Debut Reference

    I'm currently running my Elac dbr from a 50w Audiolab 6000a. It sounds ok but I feel like the speaker is struggling to play bass notes properly so I wanted to try out a more powerful amp. My budget is around £500 (less is, of course, definitely better). My current options are: AUDIOPHONICS...
  6. honn

    KEF Q150 vs. Elac DBR62

    I know the DBR62 is well reviewed and I currently have them to audition. Now that the Q150 is on discount, I want to know how do the two compare to each other? I couldn’t see any comparisons online. Thanks!
  7. M

    Upgrading pointless for THIS kind of music ?

    Hi to you all! I am a long time lurker and just decided to finally become a member to what I deem the only no-BS audio/HiFi forum around ;) So my question is this: I am mostly listening to Metal (98 %) and with that to music that is at least partially poorly recorded and suffering from bad...
  8. F

    Yamaha WXA-50 or Elac DBR62?

    Hi. I want to upgrade my living room stereo system and can't decide between choosing a nice amp or a nice speaker. I'm currently using a vintage Sony STR-6036A (18W @ 8ohms/20W @ 4ohms) and a clean pair of Ohm Model L2 speakers (35-125W/ 4ohm). I have a turntable, cassette deck, and misc. aux...
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