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    DX3 pro: How to output to speakers?

    I have a topping DX3 pro - I've just used it to connect to my laptop via USB and then used the aux out on the front to connect it to headphones. Now I am getting a set of Kanto YU4 speakers which have RCA in and aux in on them. What's the bets way to connect the Kanto speakers to the DX 3 pro...
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    Topping DX3 Pro or FiiO K5 Pro for my Hifiman Sundaras

    Hello and happy new year! I've got a pair of Sundaras past week and love them. Now i'm using them with Focusrite 2i4. I can't get to decent listening levels without distortion. I prefer DAC + AMP for convenience. These to (topping and FiiO) are my winners for now. I wan't to stay in this price...
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