dummy load

  1. pma

    DIY 250W/4ohm amplifier based on "blameless" topology, and measurements

    DIY 250W/4ohm power amplifier based on “blameless” topology Hello all, the thread posted here by @sabristol https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/luxman-l-85v-integrated-amplifier.20657/ inspired me to build a new DIY amplifier functional sample. The circuit posted in the...
  2. pma

    Complex Load for Power Amplifier torture testing

    Complex load for power amplifier torture testing It has been discussed on the forum that we should test power amplifier not only to purely resistive load, but also some kind of the complex load should be used as well to verify amplifier stability and ability to drive complex load that may occur...
  3. solderdude

    Powerbank keep-alive to power low current 5V devices

    Feeding/charging a low-current draw device from a powerbank is not going to work with most powerbanks. The reason for this is that a powerbank has an internal battery of 3.7V. In order to get 5V from an output there is a step-up converter present in the powerbank that puts out around 5V. Such a...
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