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    Anker USB C to 3.5mm Audio Adapter

    Hey everyone, Curious to see what people think of this Anker dongle ( Do you guys think Amir will...
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    BSOD when using tempotec E44 official driver

    Hi, i'm having a problem with tempotec E44 drivers, maybe someone can help me. If i choose the tempotec sonata E44 driver (from the default instalation folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Tempotec\SONATA-HD\Driver) instead of the windows default one in windows 10 audio options, i get a Blue...
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    Portable USB-C DAC Suggestion

    Hello, I would like some suggestions on a portable USB-C DAC to buy. I will just use it for my laptop as it has really terrible audio. The headphones to drive are cheap ones, costed something like 50€ish, some Sony ones. Nothing crazy. If possible, I would prefer one with no "fixed" cables, I...
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    USB Dongle DAC

    Good day! I suffer with the choice of a portable USB DAC. There are problems everywhere. I would like a DAC at the sound level of a Cozoy Rei and above, with a regular 3.5 jack and a balanced jack with a sane price and availability. It would be nice to be with MQA. Also, to work normally...
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