digital room correction

  1. H

    Preamp for my Genelec 8260A Speakers

    I have been running my Genelec 8260a speakers fully digital for the last 10 years. Even when I added a Dual DS460 turntable, I got myself a Behringer DEQ2496 and an input selector to connect to them speakers. Adding anymore devices like a google chromecast or any other device means more...
  2. J

    Internet Router to DSP to streamer/DAC

    I have an integrated streamer/DAC. I want to be able to use a DSP system for room correction before the signal gets to my streamer/DAC, hopefully directly from my router. I know that ROON, which I'm using, has DSP capability, but it looks fair hard to get properly setup. Are there any devices...
  3. R

    Just for fun: hypotetic ideal stereo digital audio streaming?

    Disclaimer: I'm a newbie and not an expert in electronics at all, I just read a lot here and I'm a curious guy... so please, don't blast me if I write silly things :) The game is to imagine an ideal-yet-minimal configuration (in electronics terms) for streaming digital stereo. On the basis of...
  4. L

    Target Curves, should What You See be What You Get?

    Puzzled by the Harman Curve presented here : and attached in a smoothed version here, I have aligned the Time Windowed Vector Average of a bunch of measurements one can make in REW to this 16 dB wide sinuous Harman...
  5. dallasjustice

    JBL M2 Audiolense Digital Crossovers w/Subs

    I first became seriously interested in purchasing the JBL M2 when I was with @amirm at CEDIA 2015. I heard the Harman demo room and was shocked at the sound quality I heard. The Harman demo at CEDIA is like waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World with my kids...
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