digital crossover

  1. Shefffield

    Introduction to forum: digital speaker DIY enthusiast

    Hello, Amir! Hello, Forum! I found my way to this website through Floyd Toole's book and Amir's excellent YouTube channel. I'm hoping to find a similarly grounded approach to our fascinating hobby here. Who am I? I guess my 'hifi career' has been fairly typical until roughly 12 years ago. The...
  2. dualazmak

    Hyperlink Index for the specific thread on "Multichannel Multi-Driver Multi-Way Multi-Amplifier Stereo Project using Multichannel DAC"

    For those who may be interested in digital software crossover/EQ within one PC and multi-driver (multi-way) multi-amplifier stereo audio system using fully synchronized multichannel DAC... This thread/this post is just intending to share "Hyperlink Index" for my specific thread entitled...
  3. ad_fletch

    Preamp quandary for 2.1 or 2.2 stereo

    Hello, I've been reading for quite some time all the threads I can find about how to do a decent but affordable 2.1 or (ideally) 2.2 setup for music. Source is a Windows tablet running Foobar2000 + EqualizerAPO through a Meizu Hifi Pro dongle - prefer this to previous setup of Chromecast Audio...
  4. DWPress

    Guide: Computer Active XO, 2ch+ and EQ/DSP (Mac & PC systemwide)

    Edits on 9/15/22 to update used apps and plugins For the past 10+ years I've been working with my evolving system set up of 3 way speakers with active crossovers + subs. Initially, I went with an external MiniDSP 4x10 to keep things simplified and lower my learning curve. But a couple years ago...
  5. dallasjustice

    JBL M2 Audiolense Digital Crossovers w/Subs

    I first became seriously interested in purchasing the JBL M2 when I was with @amirm at CEDIA 2015. I heard the Harman demo room and was shocked at the sound quality I heard. The Harman demo at CEDIA is like waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World with my kids...
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