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  1. Alpha XVIV

    Looking for a $150-$200 desktop DAC & amp combo (AIO or stack)

    Hi! I'm very new to the forum and the audiophile hobby in general. I'm currently using a HE400se with a KA3 dongle which is enough to power it but it's probably a little too much for the little thing. I'm looking for a desktop DAC & amp combo that can power it and perhaps any other headphones...
  2. N

    final advice bookshelfspeaker + DAC/AMP with good USB for very tight Desktop space

    Hey Audiophiles. I need some final advice for my cramped space. I tried the Kanto YU2 but they where way too boomy and the Audioengines A2+ are...just not enough. They cant cheat physics. ;) As you can see i need to fit the speakers behind and under the monitor while laying them on their...
  3. S

    which to choose? DAC Desktop or DAC Dongle?

    Hi Before commenting on my problem or my doubt, I must first say that my budget for what I am looking for is a maximum of 100 dollars. because i bought a smsl sp200 amplifier and i need a good DAC to match it for my hifiman sundara headphones. and i want a DAC that will match my smsl sp200 well...
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