1. Katji

    What Spotify data show about the decline of English | The Economist

    What Spotify data show about the decline of English Our interactive analysis of five years of hits in 70 countries—and the links between them Jan 29th 2022 BAD BUNNY may not be a...
  2. Racheski

    ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards 2.0

    I'm excited to announce the re-launch of the ASR Review & Measurement Dashboards! Audio Electronics Review & Measurements Index Speaker Review & Measurements Index Headphone Review & Measurements Index Building off of the previous work by the ASR data team, the new Dashboards have a much...
  3. OctoEmu

    Weighting of Data

    I have been debating on how to weigh the data. I would like to know how the audio science community weighs these categories when determining the performance of headphones. Soundstage Frequency response consistency (changes from reseating on the system. ex: at 20hz, it is .75db higher during...
  4. L5730

    Offline Loudness (LUFS) plotting

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the correct section, but it makes the most sense (unless I am corrected). I've a few loudness meters to use in the DAW, but nothing that can scan an audio file and provide a nice graphed plot. I knew ffmpeg could utilise the ebur128 audio filter to generate all the...
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