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  1. J

    Dongle DAC not requiring driver on Windows 10

    Hi all, two questions here - I'm after a DAC/amp which can run my DCA Aeon Closed RT's from my work computer, unfortunately IT will not permit any drivers to be installed. Alternatively if I can run it from my Samsung phone whilst simultaneously charging that would be fine. I see you can...
  2. K

    Dan Clark aeon noire?

    Hey guys, Has anyone used the Dan Clark aeon noire? Currently I have a sennheiswr 660s paired with topping a30pro and d10. I’m looking for a headphone that is contrasting to the 660s to mix things up. My music preference is quite mixed. Although I do enjoy dark bassy techno and similar...
  3. soundwave76

    SOLD - Dan Clark Aeon RT closed headphones (EU/Finland)

    SOLD!! For sale the brilliant Aeon RT headphones that measured here superbly. Condition like new and all the boxes etc included. I can ship the headphones but will require payment in advance via paypal or bank transfer inside the EU. I have sold cables here to Amir himself if somebody wants...
  4. TheHighContemplator

    Drop Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X

    This thread is to cover Drop's release of their version of Dan Clark Audio's Aeon Closed RT headphones, which Drop calls the "Aeon Closed X". All discussion is welcome. Here is the link: Drop + Dan Clark Audio Aeon Closed X Drop's description of their collaboration: "Our last collaboration...
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