1. swimnbird

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro (250Ohm) paired with SMSL M500 MKIII

    I'm using this [TBA] setup for mixing/mastering so I have had one pair of Beyerdynamic DT 770's at 250 Ohms for that reason. I've been using them through the UAD Apollo Twin built in amp (which isn't giving them what they need I sense). I'm here because I want a DAC/AMP for Mixing & Mastering...
  2. G

    Can SMSL Su-9n pair well with Topping A30Pro

    Hello everyone, I have seen that a lot of times both SMSL and Topping bring out stacks of their DAC and Amp that apparently work well with each other. Can interchanging DACs and Amps from different stacks work? Will the SMSL SU-9n be a decent fit for the Topping A30 pro. I recently bought the...
  3. I

    Best purpose-built single ended dac amp stack under $1000usd

    Hi all, First time posting after being consumed by the rabbit hole that is audiophelia. I am looking for a dac/amp combination that works ideally with single ended headphones (in this case the dt1990s). The general consensus I’ve seen is that at the same price, an SE stack will be better than a...
  4. N

    Dac/Amp for Music Mixing and mastering

    I am a bedroom music producer and currently I'm looking for budget Dac Amp Stack or a Dac/Amp Combo . I currently using Motu M2(AI) along with Neumann NDH20 (main) and Beyerdynamic Dt880 pro (250 ohm) headphones and JBL LSR 305 studio monitors. As Motu sounds good I think they still lack power...
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