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    Making an Okto DAC8 work with multiple sources

    Hi there, Your help would be greatly appreciated! I’ve been actively tri-amping for quite some time, using a D-23 Pioneer Crossover. My full chain being: - rca turntable - two digital sources: Roon via Ropieee and optical output from Samsung TV, both connected to a Chord Qutest DAC; only...
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    F/S: Okto Research DAC8 Pro

    Selling my Okto Research DAC8 Pro, as I have downsized / simplified my setup and moved to a pair of Kef LS60s. The unit has a black faceplate, and it has a custom output voltage of 3.9v RMS (default is 4.1), to allow for direct pairing with amplifiers set for ~4v input signal without the...
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