1. N

    Very bad noise at 24 and 32 bit

    Hello, I recently bought a new DAC (Topping D90SE) but I'm having a hard time making it work properly at 24 or 32 bit via the Windows Sounds settings, it sounds super noisy at any kHz (from 44.1kHz to 384kHz) and also buying a Ground Loop Isolator (Topping HS01) didn't resolve the problem...
  2. P

    TOPPING D90 model history?

    Hello all, I am about to look for a used TOPPING D90 to upgrade my system. I already learned about the different models DAC-chips from SOP til now. Today I was offered a 2 year old D90 with MQA (not D90SE) purchased in January2021. The guy I talked with told me that the manual states that there...
  3. slave of JESUS

    Best DAC-headphones combo for A90 under 2k?

    What is the best DAC-headphones combo for A90 under 2k in terms of detailt retrival and transparency specifically on mid's and high's? Thanks!
  4. F

    Serious problem in preamp mode Topping D90SE and D90LE

    Hi all, To start, I want to specify that my English is not good and that I use a translator to describe my problem. I have no scientific vocation, I am simply a music lover. I took the decision to buy a Topping DAC after reading the many praising topics on this forum. My concern is the preamp...
  5. C

    RME ADI-2 DAC fs against the Topping D90SE

    I had heard so much hype about the Topping D90SE I decided to buy it and compare against my RME ADI-2. Here is what I heard. Caveats: Before I get started I wish to state I have no idea what the engineers were trying to attempt when they recorded the music I was listening to. All I can do is...
  6. Thunder

    Best speakers for the Topping D90SE?

    Hi, I wonder what speakers would be worth to pair with the D90SE Would the Genelec 8030C Studio Monitors be good? I'd prefer to have my setup with no sub as I live in a flat on a 2nd floor and below me there is a dental clinic room and I don't want to bother anyone (Lulz), I never turn my...
  7. S

    DAC recommendation to go with Node 2i (D90SE, X26 Pro)

    I am looking to improve the sound of my system and from what I read going for an external DAC should give me some improvement over the one in the Node 2i. My amp is Naim XS3 and speakers are Q Acoustics Concept 500. I listen primarily to Tidal and sometimes Spotify. I have grown quite accustomed...
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