1. dominikz

    DAC ABX Test Phase 1: Does a SOTA DAC sound the same as a budget DAC if proper controls are put in place? Spoiler: Probably yes. :)

    This thread is meant to once and for all settle the age-old question on whether different non-broken DACs have a "sound" or if all DACs sound the same! :cool: ...just kidding - those debates will probably never end. :p Let me start by providing the link to the ABX test. Note: There are 16...
  2. dominikz

    FiiO Taishan D03K DAC measurements

    FiiO Taishan D03K is a pretty cheap DAC that was often recommended online to connect TVs (that now mostly provide only digital audio output) with analogue audio gear. I have one so I thought it might be useful to post my measurements. Cost was 21,99 GBP a few years ago. Here's a few pictures of...
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