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  1. B

    Power Amp for Elac Debut Reference

    I'm currently running my Elac dbr from a 50w Audiolab 6000a. It sounds ok but I feel like the speaker is struggling to play bass notes properly so I wanted to try out a more powerful amp. My budget is around £500 (less is, of course, definitely better). My current options are: AUDIOPHONICS...
  2. Tachyon88

    DAC 4Vrms out to AMP 1.4Vrms in? Question on setup.

    Thought I would start here first, maybe I should ask this in the crown 2502 thread ? Brand spanking new to this, I have no experience with any equipment, other than my su-8 and thx 789.....Looking to buy Buchardt s400 and crown 2502 amp. Will hook up to smsl su-8 balanced DAC from PC...
  3. amirm

    Case Study: Constant Beam Transducer Speakers in Commercial Project

    This was an article I wrote for the local magazine that gets sent to high-end designers, builders, and architects. It had to be very short and not too technical. It is also designed to be a bit of advertorial for my company so I hope you don't mind that aspect :). --- Bringing Science to...
  4. amirm

    Architectural Audio Systems

    Architectural Audio Systems By Amir Majidimehr [Note: This article was originally published in the Widescreen Review Magazine] Usually my articles in Widescreen Review are focused on maximum performance as I suspect is the shared interest of you reading this. We are always seeking ways to...
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