1. B

    MOTU M4/M2 Driver issues / System process high CPU / MOTUCoreUAC.sys

    Hi there, I discovered a significant issue with the MOTU M4 driver when using the two lowest buffer settings on any sample rate. When using my MOTU M4 (made in China, firmware 2.03), I noticed that when using the two lowest buffer sizes on any sample rate (regardless of "use lowest latency...
  2. ThatM1key

    DMI/UMI and you! A guide to your motherboard's chipset bandwidth.

    So what is DMI and why is it important? DMI is the bandwidth tunnel between your Motherboard's Chipset's PCH/Southbridge and your CPU. DMI is important because the bandwidth is divided between your USB ports, Non-CPU linked PCIe slots, SATA ports and others. Knowing this information will help...
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