1. Rorik

    Headset cable (1xP3) -> Splitter cable (2xP2) -> Headphone cable on DAC -> Microphone cable on PC -> Noise from motherboard (Help!)

    I use a "headset cable" on my AKG K371 headphone: It has a P3 connector, a splitter divides it into two P2 connectors, one for the headphone output (plugged into my Loxjie D10 DAC) and another for the microphone input (plugged into the computer's front or back panel). As soon as I plug the...
  2. M

    2.5mm PEEK (your friend for lead-free hotness) stereo connectors?

    My current short IEM cable is a DIY affair incorporating these 2-pin connectors by Eidolic (a new Shenzhen hifi mfg?) to re-terminate a stock cable whose IEM-side connectors failed. Turns out the polymer surrounding the pins (called PEEK) has a really high melting point. Usually soldering...
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