1. sweetchaos

    Which subwoofers would you like to see tested with CEA-2010 protocol?

    I have compiled a massive 'subwoofer comparison' spreadsheet. So far, I've found +1600 subwoofer models in total and +300 models with CEA-2010-A data. But there's a lot of interesting subwoofers that weren't tested. I'd like to see a discussion thread dedicated to which subwoofer models, we...
  2. sweetchaos

    Subwoofer Comparison

    I've created a *slightly large* subwoofer comparison spreadsheet. o_O Here's a sneak peak of my spreadsheet: How can I easily sort this spreadsheet? -==Link to my Subwoofer Comparison spreadsheet ==- https://bit.ly/SubwooferComparison _____________________
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