1. differenceclouds

    Great video comparing qualities of RF cables

    An interesting look into a field where the subtleties of cable design really do make a large difference. There's a bit around 14 minutes in where he compares the frequency response of a well engineered cable and a more generic cable after being twisted around. Not only is it interesting that the...
  2. N

    Western Electric WE16GA versus Ordinary Cable (Any cable for that matter)

    I'll be up front and totally honest here,I am a cable denier.Just so you know where my vote is going. Does it matter if I use zip cord for speaker cables?
  3. momonone

    Mogami usb cable?

    Hi all, want to ask which of the Mogami cable best for usb cable (DAC)?
  4. tobi935641

    Shielded interconnect / RCA / cinch cables don't seem to matter

    Archimago tested various RCA cables for their noise performance, and came to the conclusion that it doesn't matter: I somewhat had a hard time finding information via the search function here if shielded cables...
  5. Bling Guy McSqueezy

    Found a good store for DIY.

    Found a good store for DIY.
  6. T

    Mogami 2549 vs 2534

    Hi all, I'm going to knock together some interconnects and just wanted to double check as to the reasons one would choose one of these cables over the other. I'm almost positive the real world differences especially in such a short length of cable will be practically nothing and I imagine even...
  7. heita0

    Is there likely to be a difference in audio quality between these two balanced-to-unbalanced adapters?

    To use my Sony IER-Z1R with plain 3.5mm sources when I need to, for convenience, I am getting a 4.4mm female to 3.5mm male adapter. Between option 1 and option 2, is there likely to be any difference in audio quality? I obviously don't expect an adapter to add to the quality, but I am concerned...
  8. C

    Introduction—and thanks for pointing me to Adam Audio (with questions)

    Hello! New member here, although I’ve been lurking long enough to have gained some valuable knowledge. One thing I learned about is the Adam Audio T5V. I was curious, so I bought a pair from my local Guitar Center, and I must say, I am VERY impressed. To me, one of their biggest virtues is that...
  9. Raindog123

    Measured (!) speaker cable difference!?

    Hi Folks, Within the latest speaker-cables yack ("yet another kabels conversation") mostly filled with typical fluff, a rather intriguing piece of data was posted. An ASR member @Balle Clorin presented his old FR (frequency response) measurements of various commercial speaker cables. The...
  10. S

    Please help with headphones "Balanced Cables"

    So I ended up buying an amp with two 1/4" audio jacks for headphones balanced connection. I have standard cables for HD6xx and K712 pro with the 1/8" jack plus 1/4" adapter. Kindly advice if there are separate "balanced cables" which I would need to buy separately for these two HP's, or would I...
  11. SimpleTheater

    $1 Million Cable Challenge

    After James Randi passed away a few years ago, the idea of a $1 million cable challenge vanished with him. Until now! In what can only be surmised as amazing showmanship, Dr. Tist of First Run Copper cables has decided to bring the challenge back, but with a twist. Instead of challenging the...
  12. S

    Advice on pre-amps (new build)

    Hi, I am new to Hi-Fi audio and I have decided to spend some savings and build a mid-range system for LPs. These are the components that I plan to put together (please if you have different suggestions feel free to comment): Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO DALI OBERON 7 Cambridge Audio CXA81...
  13. M

    2.5mm PEEK (your friend for lead-free hotness) stereo connectors?

    My current short IEM cable is a DIY affair incorporating these 2-pin connectors by Eidolic (a new Shenzhen hifi mfg?) to re-terminate a stock cable whose IEM-side connectors failed. Turns out the polymer surrounding the pins (called PEEK) has a really high melting point. Usually soldering...
  14. A

    One place were cables might make a difference I know a guy that makes sub-nanosecond switches/routers used int he same industry. Evidently you can lose a a lot of money being a few nanoseconds behind...
  15. G

    Tarun's take on the most controversial subject in audio!

    Best hifi cable explanation I've seen. Finely a comprehensive and sane view on cables. This is definetly worth watching regardless of where you stand on this subject.
  16. sam

    Thing about cables and filters

    I know that the most of the members here laughs first when you hear about the golden cable and the miracle filters. But other than the box like this, most of the other products at least use something gold this and capacitor that. This came up to my mind and was thinking that the measurements...
  17. L

    Danny Richie Audio Myths on “Electrical Burn In”

    I was going to post this video in “Speakers, Headphones, & Room Acoustics” but he goes into other audio myths midway through and towards the end of the video. A “flat earther” that calls others “flat earthers.”
  18. snapsc

    Would You Buy Speaker Cables If LCR Testing Was An Option, I Did

    One of my first introductions to ASR was Amir’s article/review titled “when 12 gauge wire isn’t 12gauge”. Ok, I knew that “Reduced Dislocation Density” was probably just cable marketing...but various 12 gauge wires having different measured properties. Yikes! A few months after reading this...
  19. BobbyTimmons

    What interconnects do you use in your systems? What do you think about Van Damme ones?

    Hi I've been reading this forum for around a year. What interconnects do you use in your systems? What do you think about Van Damme ones? I just ordered some ones based on Van Damme instrument cable. I'm hoping they'll be fit for purpose (i.e. long lasting and sufficiently shielded).
  20. M

    Good/Nice looking cables that don’t break the bank?

    Just wondering what’s out there to boost asthetics. Speaker wire: I use GearIT’s 14awg braided speaker cables in white, think they were ~$30/pair for 15ft, and I’d say they are pretty good. HannLinte is also on Amazon and they look to have some good looking speaker cables. SVS’s SoundPath also...
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