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  1. U

    Best way to add tone control to my system

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I really love this place! Currently, I'm putting together my first Desktop-HiFi-System. For that, I have the following requirements: - Decent DAC with USB Input - possibility to add an active Sub - Drive 8 Ohm Speakers at (real!) 30 Watt - acceptable...
  2. venezuela162

    My first HiFi build - cost effective and highly recommended!

    I've been lurking on these forums for a while, but thought I'd share my first build with separates: DALI Spektor 1 speakers paired to a Loxjie A30 Integrated DAC / AMP. I live in Europe and paid a total of 344 Euros for this, which is currently roughly 344 USD too. Use case is primarily as...
  3. T

    Topping DX3 Pro+ vs Ifi Zen Dac V2

    Hello everyone! I have a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (250Ohm) and in search of a good Dac/amp or a Dac + Amp Combo with a maximum budget of around 200€. From what I found the Topping DX3 Pro + and Ifi Zen Dac V2 are the best choices, but now which one should i choose, and why? If you have...
  4. iMickey503

    LTR Test. Blaupunkt 1504 - 4/3/2/ Car Audio Amplifier

    [You really messed up your life haven't you?] PRO: Its still working CONS: It's still working* NOPE, _It's over 9000!!!!!!!!! NOPE, NOPE,NOPE, In a world where everyone gets a medal? And a prize just for showing up? This is the amp no one wanted. For the Amplifier no one asked...
  5. L

    FX-Audio FX152E vs SMSL SA-36A Pro, which is the better budget amp?

    So at a little under 50 CAD I have the two options of the FX-Audio FX152E TPA3118+TA7630P (I really don't care about the tone control tbh, I never use it), and the SMSL SA-36A Pro Class D 20Wx2 TDA7492PE. So I guess it comes down to SMSL's 20*2w implentation of the TDA7492PE vs FX Audio's 30*2w...
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