1. VintageFlanker

    Buchardt Audio SUB10

    Buchardt Audio just announced new SUB10, compact (and wireless) subwoofer: From their newsletter: Reveal and pre-order option of the much-anticipated SUB10 is finally a reality. For many who follow us, this has been a project we have worked on for over 2 years now. We wanted a subwoofer that...
  2. Nuyes

    Buchardt Anniversary 10 Measurements and Review

    This speaker is from Buchardt, a manufacturer based in Denmark. Someone purchased their 10th anniversary model and sent it to me for measurement. In Korea, there's no official distributor for this product, so to acquire it, one would have to contact the Danish headquarters for a direct...
  3. H

    Opinions on putting together a used high end 3.1 speaker system w/ amp and receiver

    Hi everyone, I've been researching high end speakers and amps for a couple weeks now, and honestly it's overwhelming. I'm not super technical so reading reviews and trying to understand the charts just confuses me. I've gone to a couple shops to demo speakers and amps in person but they've...
  4. K

    D&D 8c / Buchardt A700

    I have been eying both these actives to upgrade and simplify my current passive setup. So far, I have gathered the below on these: A700: https://buchardtaudio.com/collections/active-speakers/products/a700 https://www.lowbeats.de/die-daenische-kultmarke-goes-aktiv-buchardt-audio-a700/ 8C...
  5. B

    Buchardt S400 or ELAC DBR-62

    I'm after a new set of speakers to replace KEF LS50's (30 sq room). They will be used for both stereo and Movie duties (stereo), and decent bass impact is quite important (especially for movies, as I don't have space for a subwoofer). On paper, and from what reviews I've read, the S400's should...
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