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    Thinking of leaving NAD but like BluOS streaming - help

    First post, newbie, audiophile/snob wannabee. Story - I have a second place where some lightly-used Tannoy Precision 6.2 speakers await that I now need an A/V system for. I'm stuck between cascading stuff from the main place to it, or buying something new for it. The main place has a NAD T787...
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    Advice for good living room sound system (streaming, multi room)

    Hi all, my old stereo system is about 30 years now.It's from an company named Fisher with a receiver (2x100 W), separate FM radio and a turntable. Later I added a Technics SL PGA 500A CD player. This system is still working and sounding quite good besides of a jammed cassette deck, a broken...
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