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    Objective measurements of DAC vs AMP volume control

    Hey does anyone have a link to a thread or reliable video that has objective data comparing the different out output qualities of an Amp when volume is controlled on the DAC vs when its controlled at the amp. I tried searching the forum and found a few discussion threads but no real hard data...
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    How many bits can you hear?

    Ever wonder how many bits you can hear—your system, your ears, at a volume setting of your choosing? You may be surprised how soon it becomes difficult... The video uses the audio I generated for a blog article a few months ago, but it's helpful to see a spectrogram of the signal sweep, and a...
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    Is there a better Streaming DAC than the Bluesound Node for the price?

    I like that it has a 32 bit DAC and Tidal and Spotify Connect. What's the difference between a 24 bit depth and a 32 bit DAC? Is there a better streaming DAC for the price $549?
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    USB dac that shows bit depth on display?

    Hi ASR members! I'am looking for a USB dac that shows bit depth on its display. I see sample rate is more common, but I'am most interested in bit depth from different sources. Thanks in advance! / Karl
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