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  1. S

    What do you Benchmark fans/users think?

    In this post I will address the one criticism I have about Benchmark products and I would love to hear what others think on this topic. Please note that the intent of this post is not to knock down the products but for us buyers and users to give valuable feedback to Benchmark so hopefully they...
  2. Z

    Hardware volume via USB

    I'm trying to understand how the hardware volume via USB works. I've a Ropieee connected to a Benchmark DAC3 HGC via USB. In Roon I can select "Device volume", which is changing the volume. This is what I can see in the RaspberryPie. When I change the volume in Roon or in the alsamixer, the...
  3. Olli

    FS: Bechmark Media DAC3 B in black, 5 months old

    Selling a Bechmark Media DAC3 B in black, 5 months old, original packaging, warranty - I bought it via Price was 1.668 EUR + VAT = 1.985 EUR. All manuals and original packaging included. Asking Price is 1.699,-
  4. dallasjustice

    Benchmark Stack

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