1. kulak

    Sound card comparison (behringer umc 1820 vs motu ultralite mk4)

    Friends, I entered the calibration with my behringer umc 1820 sound card. Measurements were made starting from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz. Below are the measurement results for different headphones. behringer UMC1820 could not give me the results I wanted. So I researched a new sound card. Accordingly...
  2. peniku8

    Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain Measurements

    Here are my measurements of the Behringer ADA8200 Ultragain we purchased for the studio 6 years ago. Current price I see on Thomann Germany is 220€. The unit is digitally fed by our RME Fireface UC and analog I/O consists of a Topping EX5 and a Cosmos ADC. Let's start with the DAC part...
  3. D

    Behringer Monitor2USB review and measurements

    Hi, My first post here. I have been scrapping the internet for reliable information about the behringer Monitor2USB. We all know the popularity this brand has, but it's a very attractive product for those on a budget. So far the only complains I found refer to the cheap knobs used. Has anyone...
  4. R

    Behringer Truth B2031A - how to flatten it with the switches in the back only

    In my review & mod of the speaker, most people liked my tinkering to make it better, but some "understanding" souls told me I know no engineering or that I simply got a broken speaker. Well, I bought two more! With 3x B2031a purchased each separately over the course of 2022, I have a good view...
  5. kulak

    UMC1820 set

    How do I set the UMC 1820 to reach maximum output?
  6. kulak

    BEHRINGER POWERPLAY HA8000 V2 8-Channel High Output Headphone Mix and Distribution Amplifier

    1) How is BEHRINGER POWERPLAY HA8000 V2 8-Channel High Output Headphone Mix and Distribution Amplifier 2) Can we send separate audio from each channel with this product? [BEHRINGER POWERPLAY HA8000 V2 8-Channel High Output Headphone Mix and Distribution Amplifier] 3) What is a headphone amp...
  7. R

    Behringer Truth B2031A - how truthful is it? (review / modding)

    I bought one speaker out of curiosity. I wanted to see the value the speaker delivers for just $199. What a great first impression unboxing and taking it apart! These things are designed (thanks, Genelec!) and built (thanks, Behringer!) really well: the cabinet is dense and solid, the driver...
  8. B

    Fiio E10K vs Behringer UMC202HD for DT990 PRO 250 Ohms

    Hey! So I been watching videos and reading a lot on the web. But couldn't find a direct comparison between those two Fiio E10K and Behringer U-Phoria UMC202HD. I own both of those devices and can't decide which one to use for music listening and gaming. I don't have a trained ear, but beside...
  9. C

    Better mic than behringer xm8500?

    I am looking to buy a cheap audio interface M-Audio M-Track Solo, i want to know if their are any better options for mics than Behringer xm8500 for max $100. Is gonna be used at a close distance mostly for discord or streaming. I live in europe. Thank you ahead
  10. B

    Power Amp for Elac Debut Reference

    I'm currently running my Elac dbr from a 50w Audiolab 6000a. It sounds ok but I feel like the speaker is struggling to play bass notes properly so I wanted to try out a more powerful amp. My budget is around £500 (less is, of course, definitely better). My current options are: AUDIOPHONICS...
  11. E

    Monitor2USB Help

    I am currently running the smsl su8 DAC. I have that plugged into my PC via usb. I then have the monitor2usb connected to that via balanced cables to the monitor2usb input 1. From the monitor2usb, I have my two monitors connected to monitor A output. I then have monitor C, the mono channel...
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