1. dominikz

    Swissonic Converter AD 24/192 (ADC) Measurements

    After the recent measurement I did for the unbranded ADC I got off eBay, to compare a friend borrowed me a relatively similar device by a house brand - Swissonic Converter AD 24/192 that sells for about 40€: Basic features are mostly the same, except this one comes with a power...
  2. dominikz

    Unbranded ADC from eBay - measurements

    Recently I was looking for a cheap ADC and found a generic, unbranded one on eBay for just under 10$ (UPC: 6927373037416). Here's a few pictures of the device: My plan was to use an ADC to connect my turntable to a digital input of miniDSP OpenDRC-DI, but I didn't really want to spend much on...
  3. calojer

    Neutral DAC/AMP for Mixing and Mastering

    Hi, everybody. I'm just finishing mixing a record and since I don't have a properly treated studio I bought some Sennheiser HD650 headphones with 320 Ohm impedance. My RME Babyface sound card (first model) does not have a headphone amplifier capable of driving the HD650 and for this reason I am...
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