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  1. J

    Is the marantz 7705 terrible?

    So I have the chance to buy a marantz 7705 preprocessor for $1300 to upgrade from my current denon 3400 which is showing it’s age a bit. I know that Amir said that the 7705 is all but absolute garbage, but in real world use, is it? I’ll have it running a 7.2.4 system in a 15X13X8 room. I have 2...
  2. R

    How to get the best match between a preamp AV processor and a power amp?

    I will set-up a mixed HC/HIFi 5.1 system based on a Preamp processor (either an Emotiva XMC-2 or an Anthem AVM 60) and a mix of class D amp from HYPEX (center, surround & zone 2) or Purifi (L,R). They will power Dali Rubicon LCR as front loudspeakers (Sensitivity 89bB). A Rel T9i will be used as...
  3. Reksos007

    Is there an AV Processor which can act as an Pre-Amp for high quality stereo music experience?

    Hallo, i was thinking of a faaaaar distance future upgrade to an 5 channel Amplifer and an AV Processor which could also act as an pre-amp for my music playback. I tried to do a similar test with my Yamaha RX-V781 but the sound quality i got was pure garbage. So i was wondering if there is an AV...
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