1. jtwrace

    The Intellectual People Podcast - Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound

    Mitch Barnett of Accurate Sound tells us about his journey to become a leading expert in Digital Sound Processing (DSP). Accurate Sound is a remote service using Audiolense, Acourate and Room Eq Wizard (REW).
  2. dallasjustice

    Mitch Barnett's New Calibration Service

    @mitchco Mitch Barnett recently launched his Accurate Sound Calibration Service. Mitch has been a great teacher to many. Mitch is a DSP, low frequency optimization and active loudspeaker enthusiast and evangelist. Mitch has written extensively on this topic which includes a complete guide in...
  3. Olli

    Bi-amping and Audiolense/REQ

    I am currently using Audiolense as a REQ software for integrating subs with mains. I am using Roon‘s convolution engine for applying the generated filters. I have booksheld 3 way speakers TAD CE-1 with bi-wiring terminals. Question: Can I use 2 different amps (eg a Nagra Classic Amp for mid...
  4. dallasjustice

    JBL M2 Audiolense Digital Crossovers w/Subs

    I first became seriously interested in purchasing the JBL M2 when I was with @amirm at CEDIA 2015. I heard the Harman demo room and was shocked at the sound quality I heard. The Harman demo at CEDIA is like waiting in line for the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World with my kids...
  5. dallasjustice

    Cascaded/Multi Driver Subwoofers

    Assume a rectangular room with two dominant axial length modes. The modes of interest are the 1st order axial length mode (1,0,0) and the 2nd order axial length mode (2,0,0). In most medium to large listening rooms with a rectangular shape, these modes are very unlikely to be treatable with...
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