audio upsampling

  1. L

    Is there no bottom line for "HiFi" definition?

    Really? I actually can never imagined any engineer that doesn't like discussion and block me from replying some thread, nor I also don't believe in 2022 there's still ppl believing 44.1khz is "HiFi" equipment. So it's really hard for me to decide which should I address 1st. :) Just kidding, as...
  2. DDF

    Ending the Windows Audio Quality Debate

    A debate has been long raging in the audio community that Windows isn't fit for use in a high resolution audio system. Sceptics counterargued that bits are bits and Windows audio degradations are a figment of an over-active audiophile imagination. I decided to investigate this as I kept...
  3. amirm

    Understanding Upsampling/Interpolation

    Signal processing methods can be complex to understand leading to misconceptions. None is more victim of that than upsampling or interpolation. I am sure you have heard of people saying they play their HD content on 4K display and it looks "almost 4K." Same with audio. There is this notion...
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