1. VintageFlanker

    Atoll DAC200 Signature - Review & Measurements (DAC)

    Atoll DAC200 Signature - Review & Measurements Hey folks, Planned for a while, finally comes my first review about an Atoll product, and the first extensive measurements of any Atoll DAC to date. For those who are not familiar with the name, Atoll Electronique, while not widespread...
  2. T

    Replacing a tired Marantz CD6000OSE

    Hello, my 21 year old Marantz cd player is starting to behave funny: some disks won't play, the tray door won't open half the time. I though that maybe it's time to look for a replacement. And that is where things got a bit complicated. First I thought of using a cheap DVD player as a...
  3. M

    Semi-active bi-amping

    Hi, I have an integrated amp and a power amp - the amp stages are identical. I have the opportunity to use them for bi-amping (speaker manual mentions it specifically, though nothing about active and/or passive bi-amping). Having an integrated amp mean that I cannot fully active bi-amp, but...
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