1. staticV3

    Asus MU3C-AD(M) Dongle DAC - First impressions and basic measurements

    This is a first look at the Asus MU3C-AD(M) dongle with ES9260Q DAC chip. On AliExpress it costs $20. As I'm currently incapacitated with a broken hand, these will be some basic impressions and measurements with a multimeter. If there's enough interest, then I'll do a full set of measurements...
  2. ThatM1key

    Asus OC Panel Small Review

    I recently bought a used "Asus OC Panel" for my Asus Z270f motherboard which uses my i7 6700. It sounds stupid putting a non-K CPU into something like that but it has the features I was looking for but I digress. I won't be going over every feature, just saying. The Asus OC Panel is a hand held...
  3. Asking Dumb Questions

    ASUS ROG Clavis - a ESS 9281 QUAD DAC Dongle

    ASUS Product Page. Does anyone have experience with these?
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