apple tv 4k

  1. R

    Amplifier options for integrating TV + streaming into an Apple TV setup

    Hi, First time posting but hope the collective knowledge can help me out with my upgrade. My HiFi serves a dual purpose for TV and music, and I’ve been on a journey to find the best/neatest (are these compatible!) solution. Tried AVR and 5.1 (way too many cables for my wife), tried new A/B amps...
  2. C

    The Denon & LG & Apple TV lip sync drama troubleshoot

    Hello guys, It is one of the last steps i can imagine to ask all of you. Maybe here are some guys who has the same issue. The components: LG 65B19LA DENON X3600h Apple TV4k The issue: lip sync no matter what i try. If i had to tell which direction the sound delays i would say it is the sound...
  3. dpippel

    FS: Apple TV 4K 64GB (MP7P2LL/A) Media Streamer

    5th generation Apple TV 4K 64GB. Excellent condition. Original owner. Includes everything you get new - Siri remote, power cord, documentation, packaging - plus a silicone Siri remote protector. Factory reset and ready for you to set up. Asking $110.00 Price includes Paypal fee and ground...
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